Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Signs of Trouble

This all started with some wierd chest discomfort I was experiencing back in early November. It wasn't really pain but more like the pressure you feel in your lungs like when you've been in the pool too long. It wasn't really affecting me, just something that was obviously off and after 2 weeks of no improvement, I decided to go to the Dr. There'd been a lot of sickness in AK in the fall with many people suffering from upper respiratory infections and one friend even had walking pneumonia so I figured it was something a quick phase of antibiotics would take care of.

I went in to see the PA I usually see on 11/13 and despite some possible signs that it might be an upper respiratory infection, he thought it was acid reflux and gave me some sample to try, instructing me to call back if things got worse.

Two days after that visit, I was sitting at work scratching some irritation on the left side of my neck and noticed that whatever it was, it was quite swollen. I went into the bathroom to take a look and what I was guessing were lymph nodes were visibly enlarged. Not painful, but definitely popping out.

As I was aware that swollen lymph nodes are a sign of infection, I was not too worried but it was also obvious that this was not acid reflux so I called in and scheduled another visit for the following day.  Gotta get me some antiobiotics!  ...or so I thought.

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