Side Effects Log

The way this page will work is I'll note the Treatment number and the number days into the treatment cycle (ex 1-2) followed by the side effects being experienced. I won't update every day, but only as things change. In "chemo learning", we were told that the single thing we need to be most vigilant and concerned about is running a fever. Since a fever is a sign that the body is fighting something off and they're injecting a lot of "somethings" that the body might want to fight off, fevers can occur and take off quickly. I'm to call in if I hit 100.4, and if it continues to rise, I'm off to the emergency room.

1-2: Chemo hiccups. Didn't know about this one but a real thing. Side effect of the steroids in the anti-nausea drug
1-3: Fatigue hitting in the afternoon; metallic taste and minor sores in mouth
1-4: Extreme fatigue and apathy (not good); metallic taste and minor sores in mouth. As if Monday's didn't suck enough already
1-5: Slightly less fatigue; cramps in legs; metallic taste and minor sores in mouth
1-6: Minor fatigue; cramps in legs lessening
1-7: Starting to feel mostly normal again

2-1: Minor nausea
2-2: Chemo hiccups again but not as bad, minor nausea
2-3: Minor nausea; fatigue hitting in the PM; metallic taste and minor sores in mouth
2-4: Monday again, this is obviously going to be the worst day each session. Not as bad as first round but still very tired
2-5: Much better fatigue-wise than last time; metallic taste and minor sores in mouth, beginnings of leg cramps

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