In early December 2012, I was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosing Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NSHL) at the ripe old age of 35, just 3 months after getting married. Ridiculous! While this was a bit of a surprise, the diagnosis was the culmination of a highly stressful month of tests and uncertainty.  The actual diagnosis proved to be a bit of a relief from the stress of not knowing, especially considering is one of the most common and treatable cancers:'s_lymphoma

I'm starting this blog to keep friends and family updated on the latest diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment which should be easier than trying to keep via phone calls and e-mails. For those that are a bit confused about the name of the blog: I'm the Monkee, Hodgkin's is what it is: Cancer, and Poo is chemo, good cheer, and whatever else it takes for the Monkee to beat Hodgkin's. Now that we know what it is, it's just something else to get past. I look forward to saying that I used to have cancer.

Current Status: Diagnosed Stage II Hodgkin's lymphoma, 4 months of ABVD chemo, Completed 8th and final treatment on 4/19. Final PET scan to confirm all cancer is gone in following week.
7/18/13: RELAPSE. Shit's back.
My Diagnosis and Treatment

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