Thursday, November 28, 2013

Transplant Started...Finally!

So yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving, I finally went in for my transplant.  Not much exciting to report on the day's activities. Lots of baseline testing to be performed prior to starting the chemo but finally started that around 3 and it only ran for an hour. The biggest issue of the day was fighting with getting the PS3 connected to wireless. The first room we were in did not have any problems but then we moved to a bigger room when it was ready and frustration ensued.  If I cannot stream Netflix everyone on the floor is going to be miserable. This room is much nicer though. I'm calling it the "Sunrise Suite" as it has a nice view of the sunrise over NE Philly. Hardly the your typical Alaskan view but it sure beats the usual Philly hospital view of a brick wall.

They count the days of transplant a bit oddly in that the day of the transplant is referred to as Day 0. Probably because they just about kill you with the high dose chemo and then save you with the transplant. Some people refer to it as their second birthday. There are 6 days of chemo before the transplant day so I started on Day -6 and today is Day -5. Each day is only 1-2 hours of chemo but it is very high dose stuff. Still not sure what I can expect as side effects or when they'll start kicking in but I'm not looking forward to it.

Yesterdays drug, BCNU, was distilled with a grain-like alcohol so I thought I might catch a buzz off of it but it skipped the buzz completely and went straight to the headache hangover stage.  Boo! Luckily they shot me up with some Benadryl and that counteracted it pretty quickly. Today I'm getting an hour of Etoposode and Cytarabine each and I will get the same combo for each of the next 3 days. I haven't had Cytarabine before but I had Etoposide with the more recent ICE chemo regimens. It's the one that had me throwing up in the hospital despite all the anti-nausea meds and this time it's quadruple the dose. LOOK OUT!


  1. Main lining benadryl sounds fun. I miss north Philly. Sometimes I used to get off at the temple stop and walk all the way down broad St to my apartment just south of girard.

    1. That Temple main campus in North Philly and that sounds like a scary-ass walk.The tour of north Philly. I'm at the Fox Chase campus which is NE, by Jenkintown. Much nicer area.