Monday, April 14, 2014

Got Ink?

Got any tattoos? Who's your favorite artist? When I get a craving for some new ink, I just go to my radiation oncologist.  Check it out!

Please disregard the somewhat blumpy's been a tough year.

They use these little guys to position me within their radiation dealing machines. With the 6 new markers I got today, the total permanent tattoo count is now up to 11.  Maybe one of these days I'll get one of my own choosing.  Better yet, as a charity event, you bid on the right to tattoo a connector between any 2 markers. Movember/Manuary is looking pretty lame in comparison. You can't quite Connect 4® in a line yet, but that's a different game.


  1. There was a poster, back in the day, in Spencer's and similar stores that I always wanted, but wasn't allowed to have. It was a cartoon of a caveman type scene, I think a battle. One of the main things I remember about it was a mammoth, with arrows or spears or a rock loaded into it's snout cannon-style. It had a huge lump of shit in its ass, which was prolapsed out and laying on the ground behind it. There was a caveman standing there with a big hammer raised above his head, preparing to forcefully dislodge the anal obstruction, which would then, presumably, result in the mammoth launching the projectiles from it's snout at a high rate of speed. That should be your tattoo. Each of the circles should be lumps of shit in prolapsed mammoth anuses.

  2. I can find no evidence of such a poster online. It's entirely possible that I imagined it....

  3. XOXOXO - subliminal message, not bad!

  4. Hey Monks - someone just walked by my desk while viewing this photo. It was def an awkward moment as they were obviously caught off guard and just plain confused :)

    Hang in there buddy!

  5. I think I see the makings of a hockey rink in those marks!