Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alaska Update

That's right, if you hadn't heard, we're back in Alaska!  Sorry, I realize that some people rely on this for status updates and I've definitely been lax in that department but we've been busy...in a good way!

I finished my radiation treatment on June 6th and by the 8th, I was back in Alaska. No messing around. Took a week to get oriented but since then I've been back to work full time and we've been attacking the summer with reckless abandon. The radiation really hit my blood counts harder then I was expecting so it's been a bit of an uphill battle getting back into shape but I've been pushing it as much as possible. I'm not on any restrictions so I've just been going as hard as I can.  I compare it to training at altitude. When my counts do come back, I'll really be kicking ass.

I have no idea how the radiation went but it was never really a question of if it would work, just how long it's going to keep it at bay (permanently hopefully!). I'm not getting a follow up PET scan until the beginning of Sept because there's no way I'm risking more bad news while I'm enjoying the summer. Screw that. As long as I'm feeling good, no point in rocking the boat prematurely.

If you didn't see it on Facebook, this happened when I got back.

There'll be a third when the scan in September confirms the latest kill.

This also happened at the 2014 Single Speed World Championships here in Anchorage.

Yes, it was a bike event and no, no you can't unsee that. Somebody had to dance for the band and I told you I was going hard, now stop worrying.

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  1. AAAHHHHHHH! My eyes...!!!! Why did I look??? But I'm glad to know you're feeling well enough to get back to your old tricks!