Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Finally, after nearly 2 months since starting the investigative process, we have a (nearly) final diagnosis as well as a treatment plan and schedule.

In reviewing the PET scan, it was determined that the lymphoma has not spread to any lymph nodes outside of the ones we'd already observed (neck and chest) or any organs.  This firmly cements me in Stage II and without any consistent "B" symptoms (large tumors, night sweats, nodal pain, weight loss) leads to a very positive prognosis. The only outlier is the bone marrow test results, which should come in later this week. Given that it has not spread anywhere else, we do not expect anything to turn up in the marrow.

Obviously we are much relieved and as happy as can be expected with the diagnosis: Total CRAP but at least not a baby diaper filled with indian food.

I will be starting chemo treatment on Friday which will consist of 4 to 6 cycles of ABVD chemo. Each chemo cycle treatment will consist two long 2-4 hour chemo sessions which have been conveniently scheduled to coincide with my off-Fridays at Conoco. It appears that Thursday night hockey has been spared. {yay!}

Side effects: This has been updated since the "chemo teaching". I will be losing my hair and I can be expected to experience significant fatigue, especially 2-3 days after the application of each chemo. Additionally, my immune system will be severely compromised, primarily during days 7-10 after application of each chemo.  There are host of additional side effects that may present themselves but we won't know those until the show up.
Beers on me this week because after Friday, drinking not so much. Doctor said I can still have a couple of beers a week but not really more than one a sitting. Certainly no Beer and Barleywine Festival for me this year.


  1. A Monkee that can have only one beer at a time for the next few months? Hmm. I see an epic event coming when the chemo is over.

  2. So no beer.....what about hard liquor? I seem to recall a few crazy monkey moments caused by a few well mixed cocktails....all about getting the most bang for the buck, right?

    Hang in there dude!

  3. Unfortunately it's an overloaded liver thing so more bang for the buck is definitely out. I'll need to nurse my beers.