Thursday, December 6, 2012

Biopsy Cheesteak

For the biopsy, the plan was to open up the left side of my neck and remove the largest lymph node. Once removed, they'd be able to analyze the cells in the lymph node and determine if it really was cancer and if so, what "brand".

It was sold as a relatively simple, painless procedure with the biggest side affect being that I would be unable to play hockey for about a week and a half. Oh yeah, the biopsy was scheduled to be performed at 2 and I had to fast for 12 hours before that because I was going to get general anesthesia...Hungry Monkee!

I hate being in hospitals, hate being a patient so I had a generally unpleasant attitude in pre-op. Not that I was too worried about the surgery, I just did NOT want to be there and the reason I was there was finally, slowly starting to sink in.

The surgery went fine and I was a bit loopy when I came out of it. I really wanted a cheesesteak and the nurse attending to me claimed to have never heard of such a thing. I thought she was crazy and apparently, as Julie was escorting me out of the building, I was trying to explain to her what it was and where she could actually get a decent one in town. I'm sure she thought I was just drugged up but I was serious!  Oh well, her loss. I could have understood if she was from Alaska and had never even heard of a cheesesteak but she said she was from Cleveland. Seriously?!? From Cleveland and never heard of a cheesesteak.

Still didn't get that cheesesteak....

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