Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Biopsy Results - Hodgkin's It Is

The biopsy had been performed on a Thursday and I had an appointment scheduled for the following Fri to discuss the results. However, Tuesday morning I got a call around 9:30 and it was the doctor calling to inform me that the pathology results were back and that I did indeed have Hodgkin's. So there I was sitting in a cube at a client's site, totally not ready for that news. In the doctor's defense, I did tell him to let me know as soon as he found anything out but I really wasn't ready for it.

He asked if I had any questions but all I could respond was "Uh...what?"  Eventually I got a few questions out, enough to determine that it was the most common type of Hodgkin's which was "good' and to have him set up an appointment for me with an oncologist the next day.

I was pretty much done for the day at that point but having no more vacation days left and facing the prospect of unpaid leave, I had to just suck it up. I let Julie know and I think she went home for the rest of the day.

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