Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Transplant Day 0: Completed at last

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the transplant itself was pretty anti-climatic, taking about 30 minutes to complete. After a bunch of pre-meds, the doctor just injected my stem cells back into my port using very large syringes. Worst part was that the preservative used in the stem cells tastes like creamed corn and apparently the whole room reeks of it while I breath/sweat it out of my system. I can't smell it but Julie is wearing a mask to shelter herself instead of me.

Some pics from the procedure today:

Pre-transplant CrossFit

Getting into character

The cooler of life, stem cells within
Performing the transplant on el Luchador
Julie passed out from the creamed corn smell
A cupcake to celebrate my "new" birthday

Today's soundtrack...a bit lighter and a lot more celebratory.

The ultimate party band: Gogol Bordello. They're playing New York New Year's Eve but alas, I won't be able to go.

One of my favorite songs from a band you've most likely never heard of...Kyuss.

And High Hopes from Pink Floyd...for whatever reason, this one always gets me.


  1. gogol bordello...the name just makes me think of you drunkenly dancing around inside the living room in girdwood while all us hottub onlookers laughed our asses off. i'm picturing you doing that happy dance again now that the transplant/injection is over, partially in celebration of new things beginning, partially in near insanity from being trapped inside....

  2. I think you liked the opening of this when we were driving back from some bike trip. Whitehorse, maybe? Can't remember anymore. Hopefully it still does it for ya.


  3. Hopefully that creamed corn smell is cleared out when I get there tomorrow. Huber would love it! :)
    Looking forward to getting into the + days.

  4. I kind of want to go up to strangers and make them look at your mask picture. It is that awesome.

  5. "Happy Birthday!" (A quote from one of the greats, Frosty.)

  6. creamed corn might be an upgrade on some of your previous smells - love the wresting mask! Keep it up!!!

  7. I got excited when I saw Crossfit! No updates since 12/5? Whats up?