Tuesday, January 29, 2013

$15,000 Shot

That is not a typo. I got my first treatment-related insurance statement last night and...WOW! A single shot that took 30-seconds to administer: $15,000.  My annual deductible and nearly all of my out-of-pocket max taken out by a single shot....how is that even possible? Seriously, it must be made with bits of real panther. Let's just hope it works more than 60% of the time.

Even better, it's not even related to the main chemo treatment. It's the day-after shot that's designed to boost my immune system and help keep me from getting sick while I'm on chemo. I can't wait to see what a chemo session gets billed at. I can't imagine going through this without insurance. Can you say total financial ruin? Thankfully, I have a very "reasonable" annual out-of-pocket max which will kick in after just a single treatment session.  Funny how I used to stress over deductibles...cancer don't care 'bout no deductibles!

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