Friday, January 11, 2013

ABVD Treatment 1 - Not so bad

....has been delayed from 9 until Noon today because apparently my oncologist's office is either unfamiliar with the concept of linear scheduling or it never occurred to them that "Chemo training" should occur prior to the application of chemo, not in the middle of it.  Stay tuned...
 So that's all you got?  That wasn't so baZZZzzzzzzzzz...........

Wuh-wha...Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!  Now where was I...oh yeah. Aside from the fact that I was the youngest person in the chemo treatement room (room of about 10 recliners, full house), it really wasn't that unpleasant.

Prior to beginning the treament session, I received my "chemo teaching" (odd verb masquerading as a noun) and got most of my questions answered. The training session was with the Weapons of Mass Cellular Destruction (WMCD) doctor and he confirmed the my oncologist was indeed being overly positive about the side effects I will be experiencing, as I suspected. These WMCDs will cause my hair to fall out, without a doubt, sometime between treatment 2 and 3.  The other side effects I am guaranteed to experience are fatigue which will peak 2 to 3 days after my treatment sessions (Sun-Tues) and a severly suppressed immune system, particularly 7-10 days after a treatment session.  For the coming week, that window falls right on our AZ mountain biking trip.  Outstanding!

Another unexpected nugget is that every Sat after a treatment session, I have to to the hospital to get another injection of neugypeugygeugy that will stimulate my bone marrow to produce more blood cells to reduce the immunosuppresive side effects of the chemo. Drugs to treat drugs to treat drugs. This puts a bit of a whole (that one's for you, Tim/Cindy) in my plan to get treatments on Fridays and have the rest of the weekend Scot(ch)-free.

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