Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Second ABVD Cycle

Not much fanfare here. Second chemo session went off without a hitch.  A tiny bit of nausea this time around, similar to that feeling that sticks with you a few hours after a serious spinning ride at an amusement park.  The fatigue has been less this time, probably because chemo was not immediately preceded by a flu shot this time around.  Sunday evening through Tuesday after chemo is still the worst time though.  Wednesday truly is hump day but I'm going to try to get back on the ice tonight. I didn't have any issues with hockey last week but that was almost 2 full weeks after the first chemo session.

I'll take the next chemo cycle over at Providence because they have a much nicer infusion center. I can get my own little cubby instead of sitting there staring at everyone else and comparing IV stand size.

No hair loss yet but this the week it's supposed to happen. Can't wait!


    always a good for a laugh!!!!

  2. Yay for no complications and minimal sickness! Boo to potential hair loss.

    IF you do end up with that side effect, AND you don't have enough head covering devices, I've whipped up a couple of hats with you in mind. You do not have to take them or keep them. Think of them as loaners (unless they are perfect. If they are not perfect, and you actually want handknit hat or hats, let me know what needs to change about them.)

    Pictures & very brief description:


    ...this was classless but it did take some balls. The coach asked for it by not starting the senior on senior night.

    I hear simonize and turtle wax come in designer colors. If that doesn't work we'll start calling you "The Rock".

    Please post cueball photos!